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P.O.W.E.R.S. Award Honorary Committee Participation Letter


 We are very pleased to offer and extraordinary participation opportunity or your corporate consideration.  P.OW.E.R.S. proudly presents the 15th Annual P.O.W.E.R.S Award honoring outstanding female entrepreneur to be held in October 2009 location TBD by June 2009.  This high profile awards will recognize the strength, courage, wisdom, beauty and grace of women in the workplace, honoring women, while educating the future leaders of tomorrow through the teaching of our history.

 We invite and request you to participate in this dynamic celebration of inspiration and empowerment as an Honorary Committee Member, which is comprised of high profile people understand and support this event and itís objective.  As an Honorary Committee member, we would request your permission to place your name on our official letterhead and include your name in our event souvenir journal in a congratulatory ad.

  The 15th Annual P.O.W.E.R.S., Awards will also be a golden sponsorship opportunity for all of our sponsors and community supporters to participate in extremely high profile media exposure as we promote creative vision, self-affirmation and empowerment among women of all colors and cultures.  Benefit donations from the Awards proceeds will be gifted our Non-Profit Mentor Program for Youth, which purpose is to educate and empower young people with entrepreneur goals and the POWERS Scholarship.  Your participation will contribute much to the success of this event.

 The 15th Annual P.O.W.E.R.S., Awards will pay special tribute to pioneers.

And our 2009 POWERS WOMEN NETWORK YOUTH COMMUNITY VOLUNTEER AWARD will be presented to 12 students from various schools through out Los Angeles, County.  These women we honor are outstanding visionary women of today who often juggle multiple roles in the family and career, and succeed at all of them; as it is our history to be strong, capable and successful at whatever we set our hearts and minds to accomplish.  Our most important objective through the POWERS Awards is to draw attention to the ongoing quest to make a difference in the lives of our children; helping make dreams come true.

 Please find enclosed event information.   You can also visit our website at www.powerstreasure.com.  We appreciate your timely reply regarding your interest and look forward to you joining our family of distinguished participants who will join us in this mission and help make this fourteen year event as successful as the last.


 Treasure Owens,