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 About the Founder


P.O.W.E.R.S. (Positive Outstanding Women Entrepreneurs Righteous Sisters) was founded by Tina "Treasure" Owens in 1992.
Treasure is a Graduate of Washington High School, and completed her BA in Christian Communications at Frank T. Bozmen School of Ministry in Montgomery, Alabama.

As a Corporate employee, Treasure wanted to do more with her life, she wanted to extend the gift that GOD had placed on her, and share with the world. Her first goal was to establish an organization to bring forth the awareness in women through eternal motivation, and to set the motion of external positive righteousness, for others to see. Creating a picture of
entrepreneurs who could dream it and achieve it. "It's different when you want to achieve a dream instead of just dreaming it" say's Treasure.

In 1995 she began Honoring Women Entrepreneurs for their selflessness in taking what they have learned and giving back to the community from where they came from by Producing The {POWERS Award} every year and recruiting Honorees and Entrepreneurs for the Mentor program as a positive influence, encouraging our youth to keep focused. If we could allow our own selfishness to be humbled and grab a young persons hand and find the time to help them and listen and change their out look on life or enhance their out look on life the rewards are greater and sweeter than any food you can eat because it's the taste of life going full circle.

Every year through our non-profit "Project Guardian Angel" Mentor Program, by creating a year of events to coordinate using all young talent from producing behind the scene to performing in front. Giving those hands on experience is where you get a chance to test the knowledge you are learning. If you can't see how much you are learning, you begin to feel that you know it all, and, there is nothing in life challenging, your mind, to learn more. Our goal is to work with young people, help them cultivate and illuminate their positive frame of mind. If the goal is to become a Lawyer, Doctor or Event Planner, our goal is to teach them, that they can be the owner, the boss the head and not the tail but whatever they choose to be, they are in control. Yes!

POWERS IS ON THE RISE...true entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in the lives of our children. If you would like more information on P.O.W.E.R.S. WOMEN NETWORK please visit the rest of our site or call 323-731-9300 or write us at P.O. Box 191340, Los Angeles CA 90019.


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