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Meeting Agendas - 2009

  1. Date: Members email us for the location , times and dates.

     Time: Members email us for the location , times and dates.

     Location: Members email us for the location , times and dates.

     Contact Number:  323-731-9300

     The Annual Community Awards Event is scheduled for October 2009


    1. Event Objectives & Awards Categories
    2. Locations
    3. Fundraisers
    4. Committee Positions
    5. Production Timetable
    6. Key Principal Individuals
    7. Estimated Production Budget
    8. Beneficiaries

     The Honorees are as Follows:

     The 15th Annual P.O.W.E.R.S., Awards will pay special tribute to pioneers: 

    YOUTH COMMUNITY VOLUNTEER AWARD presented to 12 students from various schools through out Los Angeles, County.

      These women we honor are outstanding visionary women of today who often juggle multiple roles in the family and career, and succeed at all of them; as it is our history to be strong, capable and successful at whatever we set our hearts and minds to accomplish.  Our most important objective through the POWERS Awards is to draw attention to the ongoing quest to make a difference in the lives of our children; helping make dreams come true.

     It will be up to each committee member to find a High School Senior to receive the Awards.  A timeline will be provided.

      Will you be available for meetings: 2nd and 4th Sunday of every month at 4pm-6pm _____

    Would you be willing to head your own department for the award show:____________

     We do not wish to overwhelm you, so we only want you to take on what you can.

     Position                                                                                   Description


    Production Coordinator:                                    Someone to over see all areas of production, and if the job was not done be able to step in and complete the task. Works directly with Executive Producer


    Technical Director:                                            Someone to handle all technical aspects of the show.


    Advertisements:                                                Someone who can produce ads for program book and complete the task.


    Sponsorship                                                     Someone who can obtain Sponsors for the Event.


    Marketing and PR:                                            Someone who can produce the necessary media attention by making contact with various publicist and news media.  This person would put together their own team.


    Event Representative:                                        This person will go to various events to represent the organization and gathering contacts. Seek Honorary Committee Members.


    Musical/Video Director:                                    This person will be responsible for putting together a professional video for the event and a promo.


    Program Book Editor:                                       This person will be in charge of putting together the book with the Founder and getting the book printed.


    Entertainment Coordinator:                               This person is in charge of getting the talent for the show and auditioning them for time line.


    Venue Coordinator:                                          This person is in charge of securing the Venue with the Founder.  This person can also help with Ads for the Souvenir Book.