MISSION: Working Women's Right to Spend more time with their Newborn  a proposed Law.

“RIGHT START FOR NEWBORNS” a  letter from our founder.


P.O.W.E.R.S. Women's Network was founded on the basis of mentoring and helping to build a better future for our kids, shouldn’t this start from birth.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. P.O.W.E.R.S. Women's Network , is currently crusading for the Working New Mothers Law. The current law for new mothers/fathers, i.e. The Family Medical Leave Act is only allowing us to spend up to three months with a newborn baby. When in fact countries such in Europe allow new mothers to spend up to two years off with pay and job security with newborns, could this be why studies show their children grow up healthier than ours? With all of the reports being made about child care and babysitters who watch newborns and toddlers over 60% of them experience some type of abuse. African American women spend the least amount of time breastfeeding their babies at birth than other ethnic groups. Babies need to feel a sense of security from family member mainly mom and dad. P.O.W.E.R.S. Women Network Inc. is founded on the basis of mentoring and helping to build a better future for our kids, shouldn’t this start from birth.

Our mission is to implement a bill for newborns to have at least mom or dad at home with them for the first year. Won’t you help in this crusade to start from the beginning to give our children the RIGHT START! The reason why it is important to have this bill passed is because the facts are career women don’t look to have children because they don’t want to lose their job security and status. Most women want to be with their newborn for at least the first two years. Unless you are in one of the following categories; rich or on welfare, you would not have that problem. So, only if you are a working parent would you have this dilemma in choosing between a career and a family. For instance Child Care cost as much for a newborn than most women make on their job, so in fact you are actually working to pay for someone else to raise your child in the those first important years. Instead of doing what new parents should be doing and that’s to give your child the right start.

I know most corporations will frown on the fact that employees will not be retuning to work until after one year and even then the job must be readily available for them to return. If you look at the studies that have been done most women will either return and give a two weeks notice to stay home or take the family medical leave and then quit, with giving the option to women/men of staying off for one year, you have a better chance of making sure your employees will return and stay.

We ask for your help in making this “RIGHT START FOR NEWBORNS” mission is carried on and implemented. Please join us in our fundraising crusade to make this dream a reality. You will find a list of our fundraising activities and events attached to this letter. If you would like to make a contribution or become a volunteer or be listed as a supporter by signing our petition please review the attached form.


Treasure T. Owens