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 Cut down on your overhead, and still get  quality service.

   Helping your business to stay on top of your financials, make vendor payments easier and on time! 

    We streamline the process without overhead fees at a fixed flat rate, depending on the type of service needed to help you succeed financially. 

     Saving you time and money!



Money Saver

One Time set-up

Files, Invoices, Online Banking

Order # 1001MS


Additional Services Package A


Add Voicemail Set-up, Email Setup

Describe the product, service, or event here. Include a brief description and any features.


Order #100A


Monthly Maintain

Review Invoice and Online Banking on a monthly basis.  Complete Vendor payments, and asset review.

Order  #200MM


Additional Services Package B


Voice Mail, Email, Website,


 Order #100B




General Service Weekly Review       

Review all Invoices and Bank Statements. Make sure all data is backed up, Vendors are paid, and Assets are balanced.

Order   #300GS


Additional Services Package C


PO Box, Vendor Setup

 Order #100C


Safe Keeping

Provide all General Services and make all deposits as well as Credit decisions to benefit business. Review accounts semi Weekly

Order #400SK


Additional Services Package D


Logo Setup, Marketing products i.e.,

T-Shirts, Cups, Pens, Letterhead, 

 Order #100D


Phone: 323-731-9300

Fax: 323-443-3545

E-mail: powers9@ix.netcom.com




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